Sunday, April 17

Workout Wear Haul

I never thought I'd be one to say this but.. I've joined a gym! I really didn't think this day would come, but after harping on about going for the past couple of years I finally got myself a membership, and you know what that means, workout wear shopping!

I seem to have stuck to all Nike (and all black) as I've been told mixing Nike and Adidas is not ok, but I've been eying up some Adidas gym leggings so I think I might be picking those up soon.

Starting off with sports bras, I already had 1 Nike bra and a couple from Missguided, but I thought I'd pick up two more from Nike - one with a small tick (find here) and one with a slightly larger tick (sold out online). I also bought a few pairs of Nike Pro Training Tights, or as you & I know them, workout leggings (find here). I definitely recommend them for those of you who work out, they have a dri-fit technology, which means the sweat from your body moves to the surface of the fabric and evaporates, keeping you cool. I also purchased a pair of Nike Roshe Runs (find here) because I had a lot of 'fashion' trainers, but not any that were specifically designed for running and working out and after buying them as a gift for my sister and hearing about how comfortable they were I thought I'd get some for myself and they do not disappoint!

I've started off with the essential pieces, but as time goes on I will obviously add to my gym wardrobe (in fact I've already started, another haul anyone? haha). If theres anything you can recommend / think I need please let me know!  :)



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  2. love nike! everything you have chosen is amazing !!

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