Thursday, November 5

Gemporia Jewellery Review

I was recently contacted by a jewellery brand called Gemporia and asked if I would like to pick out some pieces from the site and of course I said yes! I spent a long time browsing as there is so much selection, from the bright and bold pieces to the more classic and timeless.

I usually tend to go for the more understated, minimal jewellery which can be worn with everything, hence the pieces I chose. The first thing I picked was a set of 3 silver earrings (find here). I am obsessed with small hoops at the moment, they add something to an outfit without being over the top. The first pair are a classic round small hoop, which is slightly thicker than the other 2 pairs. These are probably my favourite pair out of the 3, I love that they are small enough to wear overnight so I don't have to worry about putting them in of a morning. The second pair is a much thinner, larger, more oval shaped hoop. I really love how these look with a sleek high pony tail to add a bit of interest. The final pair are a really unique shape (of which I have no idea). I have no other hoops like these, which is saying something as I have a rather extensive hoop selection! The final item I picked out is a beautiful, delicate rose gold necklace (find here). I love that whilst it's on trend with the rose gold, it is still a timeless piece that I can see myself wearing for years to come.


*products were sent to me by Gemporia for review purposes. 


  1. The earrings are so lovely - I'm really into small hoops at the moment!

    Lucy |

  2. lovely simple jewellery and loved the thumbnail for this post. so scandi and minimal.

    elisha-mae I wear this?