Sunday, January 11

The Kit For Combating Blackheads

Blackheads are the thing I struggle with the most when it comes to my skin - no matter what products I use, I can never seem to get rid of them. I was really excited when an email popped into my inbox, asking if I would like to try out the Stylelux Blackhead Killer gift box. It is a 3 step system which includes a facial cleanser, 5 sachets of the blackhead killer face masks and a moisturiser. 

It comes in a box, with a pretty red lining - however the products themselves have quite plain packaging. I do like that the cleanser and moisturiser are in squeezy tubes and the masks are in sachets, as it makes the products travel friendly and ensures nothing will get smashed. 

The cleanser helps to unclog pores and left my skin feeling clean. The face masks are probably my favourite product out of the set. They are a black liquid, so I make sure to wear old clothes when using it, just incase things start getting messy. I leave it on for 15 minuets and peel it off and throw it in the bin - a lot more quick and easy than the traditional face masks that you have to wash off! It removes dead skin cells, excess oil and any impurities, which all helps in getting rid of blackheads. Lastly is the moisturiser, which is supposed to close pores and also help with the prevention of blackheads, I find that it leaves my skin soft and hydrated. 

you can find it here.


* this product was gifted to me by Stylelux.   


  1. I've never heard of this brand before! The masks look like a really nice way to deal with blackheads x
    I Natalie's

  2. Great post! Where did you get your blog template from? I'm new to blogging and not sure where to look haha! Thankyou xx

    1. It is one of the templates on blogger, I think it could be the simple one but I'm not 100% - I just personalised it myself :) x