Wednesday, December 24

What I Got For My 16th Birthday

This month I turned 16, which feels SO weird to say as I still feel about 12, haha! And as Birthday haul videos / posts have to be my all time favourite thing to watch / read, I thought I'd do my own! 

One of my presents was macarons from Laudree, which I got on my birthday from Harrods. Macarons are my favourite sweet treat - but as they are so ridiculously over priced, I rarely ever get them. I really struggled picking out which ones I wanted, as there are so many on offer - but I ended up going for salted caramel, chocolate coconut marshmallow, strawberry candy marshmallow, gingerbread and 4 pistachio. I also got 3 beautiful white roses from my mum. White roses are one of my favourite flowers (along with peonies), so it was really sweet to get them on the morning of my birthday. 

Make up wise I received an eyebrow kit from Bobbi Brown, Mac no.33 lashes, a Mac lipstick in So Chaud, a Mac lip liner in Beet, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and a duo of Illamasqua nail polishes. I am so excited to try these bits out, as I've not brought beauty products in such a long time!  Moving on to the miscellaneous section, I was given some cute Topshop socks, some of my favourite chocolate, an android box, a kick stand for my bike, a portable iPhone charger, some velvet scrunchies and a cupcake recipe book.

As my birthday is so close to Christmas, I always get some festive themed gifts - this year I got snow fairy shower gel from Lush, a really cute mug from Cath Kidston, some tartan socks, Christmas nail wraps and a Yankee Candle in the scent Christmas Cookie (which I am burning as we speak!).

I rarely get clothes as gifts, as I am quite specific with what I like, but the one clothing thing I did get was a white and grey checked flannel shirt, which I picked out myself from H&M. I really like shirts like this to chuck on when I can't be bothered to make much of an effort. Although I don't like to get clothes as gifts, one of my all time favourite things to receive is pyjamas - and considering the time of year, it would be wrong of them not to be festive! The set with the tartan reindeer on are from Boohoo and the button up set with Christmassy pattern on are from Topshop. Both pairs are so adorable, I just have to decide which pair I'm going to wear on Chistmas Eve now! I got a t-shirt from Missguided, which I'm guessing is supposed to be a lounge/pj top. It says "Happy Birthday Jesus" on it, which I thought was hilarious. When I first opened it and saw the misguided tag, I thought it was going to be a going-out type of top, so when I saw what it said I literally LOLed. I also got some sloth pj's from my sister (and I also laughed out loud when I saw these). When I opened them the first thing I saw were the bottoms and I didn't even notice the sloths on them - so I assumed they were just a pretty floral print and as I was about to say "these are lovely", I opened up the top and saw the massive sloth and just burst into laughter.

My main presents this year was a Canon 50mm lens and a Michael Kors watch. I have wanted both for absolutely ages, and can't wait to start wearing/using them! The last things I got were some jewellery pieces, which I love to get as I never buy myself jewellery. I got some really cute Christmas themed earrings from Accessorize, one pair is a robin and the other ones are little snowflakes. I also got some things from the Z from Accessorize range and some rings from H&M.

I feel like I've been rambling for ages now, so I'm going to go before I bore you! I am so happy with everything I received and if you got me a card/present/said happy birthday thank you so much and if you'd like to see what I got up to on my birthday click here.



  1. All your presents are lovely!! I hope you had a lovely birthday xx

    Abi |

  2. I hope you had a great birthday! It looks like you had a lot of amazing presents! I bet the yankee candle smells amazing :) I love the look of the make up you got too! xx

    Beyond the Velvet | Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

  3. I've never tried Macarons - call me crazy! I must try and find somewhere that sells them soon :)
    I hope you had a great birthday x
    Abbey xo |

    1. they taste amazing! you have to try them! thanks so much :) x

  4. These are such lovely presents! I hope you had a great birthday xx

  5. Wow, these are such amazing presents!! The MK watch is gorgeous, and the flannel is so pretty. I would also love a new lens, and I have always wanted to try a Yankee candle :)

    Emily //

    1. i think so too! Yankee Candles smell amazing! They are expensive but definitely worth it as they last ages! xx

  6. I love your watch, it's so pretty.