Saturday, December 20

Coloristiq • The Nail Polish Rental Service

The amount of nail polish I own is a little bit ridiculous, I've had to dedicate a drawer in my dressing table to them, which is now full to the brim. The problem with having so many is that I am forever throwing away polishes that I've only used once or twice due to them going gloopy or drying out. I recently heard about a service called Coloristiq, in which you can rent nail polishes. It's the same kind of concept as beauty boxes like glossy box but instead of keeping the polishes, you send them back in return for 3 new ones. I love this idea, as you can try out lots of different brands and colours, without committing to any shades or having to worry about finding a place to store them. 

Coloristiq offer China Glaze, OPI, Morgan Taylor and Essie polishes, which are all amazing quality nail polish brands, most of which I have used for years. It is a good way to try out brands and shades you may not have tried otherwise. I ended up getting 3 China Glaze polishes, which I was really excited about, as it is a brand I have always wanted to try. I got the shade Snow, which is a white polish. I am so happy I got the chance to try this, as I have never come accross an opaque white polish - until this one. It is perfect to use for nail art, but I also think it would look really festive with a gold glitter over the top of it. The other shade I got was Tip Your Hat, which is one of my favourite shades of polish. It is a pretty classic red, perfect for all of the Christmas parties coming up! The last shade is Midtown Magic. No matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to photograph how pretty it is in person. It is a dark vampy brownish purple shade with a bronze shimmer running through it.

If you are wondering how exactly it works - all you have to do it sign up, make a wishlist of the colours that you like the look of. You will then receive 3 of the nail polishes from your wishlist, which you can use 9 times (3 times per polish) for the next month. When it's time to send the polishes back, you pop them into the box they arrived in and send them back using the pre-paid postage and wait for your next 3 polishes to arrive! 

The box usually costs £14.49, but if you order before Christmas day, you can get a box for £9.99 - which is an amazing bargain. Not only that, but if you use the code Becky1, you will receive the first box for free!

you can find Coloristiq here.


* this product was gifted to me by Coloristiq.


  1. That actually sounds like a brilliant idea! It's definitely perfect for the girl who doesn't want a huge nail polish collection, but would like to have a full range of selection haha


  2. Wow such a great idea! I never even knew such a service could be possible :D love the nail polish brands too! xx | £100 Christmas Giveaway

  3. so adorable! hope you’ll stop by for my latest post love!