Sunday, November 23

The Best Of H&M Home

1. Copper Storage Basket (find here2. Marble Container (find here3. Herringbone Blanket (find here4. Hammered Metal Bowl (find here5. Copper Wire Storage (find here6. Stripy Cushion Cover (find here7. Copper Candle Holder (find here)

I always find myself spending more time browsing around H&M home, as opposed to the clothing section and am constantly jotting down the bits and pieces I want, so I thought I'd round a few of them up and do a little wishlist - for those of you who love homeware as much as I do! As you may be able to tell, there is somewhat of a copper theme running through this post, now I definitely wouldn't choose to put all of these pieces in the same room - as that might be a bit of copper overkill, but having bits scattered in different areas of the house would look lovely. The storage basket has to be one of my favourites from the range, it is so versatile and could hold anything from kilner jars, to stationary and school books or even beauty products. Speaking of holding beauty products, I love the marble patterned pot, it looks far more expensive than what it is. Although I'm pretty sure it is a toothbrush holder, I would use it to hold my makeup brushes. Moving onto bedding, nothing looks more homely than a throw chucked over the bed, with a few added cushions, to give a cosy and warm feel to the room - even on the gloomiest of winter days.

Who would've thought a clothing shop could have such a nice array of home decor?



  1. I've been meaning to place an order with H&M Home for quite some time now as they really seem to be hitting it out of the park with their range, every single season! :) I am in love with all of the rose gold that they have on offer too!
    Great post lovely!!

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  2. The roes gold basket is amazing!

    Charlotte //

  3. I only found out last week that h&m have a home selection!! All of the local stores I go to only sell usual things. But when I visited London and saw the home section I fell in love!! They have such fantastic pieces in there xx

    Abi |