Thursday, November 20

NOTW • The Winter Red

Until recently, I had never tried gel or shellac nails and never understood why they were so popular - but I decided to give them a try and I haven't looked back since. Painting my nails is such a chore for me, I feel like I spend so long making sure they are neat and end up smudging them within an hour, so as dramatic as this may sound... gel nails have kind of changed my life.

I am wearing the shade Just Beclaus from the OPI Gel Christmas range, which probably has to be one of my favourite colours for Autumn. I've had this polish on for the last 2 weeks and I am so impressed with how long lasting it is - despite a lot of typing, scrolling and rooting through my bag.

you can find my nail techs details here if you are interested, she is amazing!

Let me know some of your favourite nail polish shades for A/W, I'm always up for trying different nail polishes!



  1. This colour is gorgeous! I love wearing reds in the winter

    The little things in life

  2. I love this shade for fall. It is gorgeous.

  3. What a gorgeous red colour, perfect for winter. I've been keeping my nails quite clear recently but the last nail polish I wore was Rimmel salon pro in Desire.

    The Night is Wild

  4. deep red is such a gorgeous shade for autumn/winter. It looks lovely! (I also adore your scarf!)

  5. I never paint my nails because I'm just awful at it... they always seem to smudge without fail which is a shame as I love how painted nails look :( I do love this colour and finish of yours though :)

    Louise /