Monday, September 29

Review • Vita Liberata NDK SKN Self Tan

I have seen Vita Liberata products on the shelves of Boots & Superdrug and as an avid fake tanner I have always been intrigued by their range, so when I was contacted and asked if I would like to try out something from the NKD SKN range I couldn't say no. As opposed to the other products from Vita Liberata which are on the pricer side, the NKD SKN range is really inexpensive, ranging from as little as £8.50 - perfect for students, or people like me who go through numerous bottles of fake tan within a few months. 

Before tanning I exfoliated my body, making sure to pay extra attention to any areas that are dry (elbows, ankles etc). I then used the Vita Liberata tanning mitt to ensure a more even application and so I wouldn't get any tan on the palm of my hands, as that is never a good look. I applied one coat over my body, which took about 20 minuets - if you are new to self tanning I would recommend spending a bit longer buffing in the mousse to make sure the tan is even. There was no fake tan smell to this product, which I know is something a lot of people look for when finding a holy grail tan. I found the product really easy to buff in and there were no streaks. Like most mousses, it dries really quickly meaning there is no standing around in a bikini waiting for the tan to dry before jumping in to bed.

As I have really pale skin naturally (I'm talking MAC NC10 kind of pale), I can sometime struggle with tans looking way to dark and really unnatural on me, so I only did one layer of tan to avoid any dodgy mishaps. After showering off the guide layer of the tan in the morning, I was about 2 shades darker than what I am usually. I know to some people who self tan, this may not be dark enough - but I like to start off light (incase of any tan disasters) and reapply the tan over the next few nights if I want to intensify the colour. I didn't reapply the tan on this occasion, just to see how long it would last - and I managed to get about 4 days out of it, which is average for me as I am pretty lazy when it comes to aftercare for my tans and I always forget to moisturise. However, I think for someone who looks after their tan by moisturising and gently exfoliating, the tan should last for at least 5 days before needing to reapply.

This is a perfect tan for beginners, who aren't sure about tanning and what something reasonably priced and easy to use. I also think it would be good for anyone who like a natural tan, that still offers a sun kissed glow without looking in anyway orange or patchy.

If you are interested in trying a tan from the NKD SKN range, I have a discount code to get 45% off anything at - all you have to do is type in BECKY45 at the checkout! (valid until 15/10/14).

you can find it here.


* I was kindly gifted this product from Vita Liberata


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