Sunday, September 7

Pinterest Is Taking Over My Life

Pinterest is something I've had a few times in the past, but have ended up neglecting and deleting the app. But recently, I have gotten back into it... and by that I mean staying up till 5am pinning everything. I have only just started, so I haven't got to many boards, but so far it is all to do with interior design as inspiration for my room and for when I move out - so if those kind of things are of interest to you, feel free to follow me! Also, if you have a pinterest account - let me know your username as I am looking for more people to follow :)

you can find my pinterest here.


* above collage is made up of images from my pinterest account


  1. Pintrest is like my little cave of obsessions


  2. ooo i love interior pictures like this. They make me want to decorate my own little apartment or something! x

  3. I'm obsessed with pinterest too! I've gone through phases with it but it's so useful for honing your own aesthetic xx

    The Persephone Complex

  4. just found your blog & I love it, the layout is perfect and your photos are lovely too. definitely following!
    I've just started using pinterest properly too and I'm obsessed!
    Jess x