Sunday, August 24

A Summers Day At Hampton Court

Every Summer, I and my family would go on holiday abroad for a few weeks - however, for the last 2 years we have decided not to go away. As much as I am itching to travel, I have taken these Summer months to explore areas that are near to me. Last year I made a visit to Covent Garden (post here) and I recently found myself at Columbia Road Flower Market (post here). Whilst 'holidaying at home' will never be quite the same as being able to explore different parts of the world, I think its important to appreciate what you have on your door step. 

Hampton Court is one of those places that I drive through and think "why do I not come here?", so on a gorgeous Summers morning, I decided today would be the day. We'd intended to go into the Palace, but as the weather was so lovely, we thought it would be silly not to make the most of it. We strolled down by the river and came accross some adorable garden and home shops which were filled with all things shabby chic, one of my favourites being Gardenarium. After a long afternoon of exploring the area, buying bits and bobs from quaint shops and sitting by the river, we winded the day off at Zizzi's, eating ice cream (what a surprise! haha) before getting the train back home. 

If you are planning a trip to the London/Surrey area, or live near by and have never taken the opportunity to stroll down the lanes of Hampton Court - I would urge you to, it is a nice escape away from the busy streets of London and there is just something about it that feels as though you have been transported to the middle of a village in the countryside.


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  1. Very crisp photography! That looks so wonderful, the tea sets in particular are so cute and the weather looked gorgeous! Great stuff. :D

    Jade x ♡