Thursday, July 3


Previous to the ASOS warehouse being caught on fire, I made quite a large order, but I'm so happy I did as I managed to get everything I wanted before all the stock went up in flames. I find myself buying quite a bit around this time of year as I give a lot of my clothes to charity - so I need to restock on summer clothes (what a perfect excuse to go shopping, haha).

I've been looking for some denim shorts for a while, that didn't show my bum - that isn't a good look on anyone! I decided on some lightwash American Apparel ones (buy here). They were £52, which is pricey however I was in need of some shorts, so I will make sure I get my wear out of them. I am loving kimonos at the minute as saw this gorgeous on whilst browsing the asos website (buy here). The picture doesn't do it justice but you can see my OOTD here of what it looks like on.

 I got a few bits from Motel on ASOS whilst I was making the order. I got the cutest little monochrome co-ords (buy here), I've also done an OOTD with these on too so you can have a little look at what they look like on here. The other Motel item was the geometric print dress (buy here). There are cut outs in the shoulders and the print isn't like anything I've seen before. The very last thing I got from Motel (I promise!) was this beautiful blue and white patterned dress (buy here). 

Last year ASOS had a gingham dress I was lusting after, but was always out of stock - so I never managed to get my hands on it. When having a peek on there I noticed this navy and white gingham dress which I loved (buy here). I think dresses like this are so cute and can be worn all year round. I know some people can be funny with underwear being shown, but this one is just to pretty not to show! Its a little black triangle lacey bralet (buy here). I have seen lots of these popping up and they tend to be really expensive, but I managed to bag this one for £12.

Last two things are accessories. First thing is a coral purse from Monki (buy here). I wanted to get a brighter purse, so I could see it in my bag amongst all the crap, haha and I thought the colour was pretty for summer. Last thing I got are some shoes. I have been wanting heeled chelsea boots for ages, as I've worn my flat ones to death. I found these on ASOS, which I brought for £55, although they are now annoyingly in the sale for £32 (buy here). 

That's everything I've brought from ASOS, for now! Hope you enjoyed my haul and do let me know if you've seen anything nice on ASOS, I'd love to know.



  1. I love a good shopping haul! It's a shame to hear what happened to the ASOS warehouse :(!
    love the post! xx

  2. That motel co-ord set is so lovely! You got some really lovely bits - now I'm super tempted to have a look on ASOS myself (I really shouldn't - it's only going to end badly!)

    Rachael at

  3. Oh my goodness! :O ASOS went up in flames? How tragic! All those pretty clothes being burnt to a cinder :(
    Motel Rocks always have the most beautiful pieces. Your shoes are so cute and they're so on trend! :)
    Check out my blog maybe we could follow eachother xx