Sunday, June 15

H&M SS14 Haul

Long Sleeve Crop Top (not available online)  //  Bardot Stripy Top (find here)  //  Floral Kimono (not available online)  //  Patterned Dress (find here)  //  Navy & White Stripy Top (not available online)  //  Thick Gold Rings (buy here)  //  Thin Gold Rings (not available online)

I never thought I'd say this, but I am loving H&M at the minute. It has always been a shop I find so hard to shop in (how ironic). It's the same with Zara, they are always so unorganised and what is in one shop usually isn't in another - similar to a car boot sale/charity shop - not great when you are buying things full price. However, recently I have happened to find some really pretty things, whether it be by fluke or sifting through the mess of clothes on the rails/floor.

I've been looking for the stripy bardot top for the last 3 weeks or so, I must have trailed around 5 different H&Ms before I found it. It's in a medium, which is a bit too big on me, but the effort it took me to find it, I am going to have to make it work, haha! The next thing is the peach kimono, which I managed to find in a pile on the floor (amazing presentation H&M), I did have a look round to see if they had anymore, which they didn't, so I ended up settling on this one - luckily it didn't have any marks on it. I love the kimono trend and I'll try and do an OOTD with it soon. I picked up the patterned dress for an incredible £6! I love the print, it reminds me of something Topshop or Motel would have. The last clothing item I found was the three quarter length over sized stripy top. This again, had been left randomly on a rail with dresses, and I had a look to see if there were anymore as I wanted to get the size up so it would be more slouchy - but couldn't find any so settled for this one. The last two things are rings. I don't tend to wear rings, as I have the hands of a 10 year old boy (which is not fun when you're trying to find jewellery), however I did like these 2 packs. The ones on the left are thick gold bands, and the right are delicate twisted metal effect, which look lovely layered or as midi rings.

I've only been buying these things in the past week, so everything should still be available in store. I'm so happy with the pieces I've picked up from H&M recently, and can't wait to see what else they have. 



  1. love all the stuff you got! I really wanted that dress from H&M but I couldn't find it anywhere in my size :( Might have to order it online... aha - I love the kimono too, very pretty
    Alanah x

  2. I've been trying to get that blue dress for ages in the H&M near me but it is always sold out in my size :( I love the kimono you got. It is so pretty! Great haul x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  3. I'm in love with the Kimono and the dress. x

  4. lovely purchases! My local H&M is such a mess, never ever find anything decent :( xx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

  5. I love the shirts you bought! That blue it too pretty !

  6. I've been eyeing up the off the shoulder top online for a while now!

    x, Phoebe-Cate //

  7. H&M is a weakness for me. Such great prices! You got some really good deals, too!


  8. Wish there was a H&M around here :( x

  9. H&M can be a little bit hit and miss for me sometimes, one week I'll go in there and find nothing that takes my fancy and the next I'll be carrying armfuls of clothes to the changing rooms! I love the striped top you got, I think H&M does great, affordable basics and I always manage to pick something plain up even if I don't find any gems.

    Meg xo
    Meg Says | Beauty, Lifestyle & Chronic Illness

  10. Love the rings! Will be going into my local H&M soon to try and find those beauties xo
    EmsAlice // Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  11. I don't normally venture into H&M when shopping, but I think this is all going to change after seeing this blog post! I love the 3/4 length stripy top so much! :) x

  12. Love the striped top, definitely have to get that!! x