Tuesday, February 18

Review • Illamasqua Blush In Dixie

After falling head over heels with Illamasquas cream pigment in Androgen (review here), I was eager to try something else from the range - so after a lot of searching Illamasquas website, I decided to pop a cream blush in the shade 'Dixie' into my basket.

I was pleasantly surprised when it came, as it was a lot lighter than I thought. It is a pretty coral pink shade, and would look so gorgeous in the summer with a tan. Unlike the cream pigments, this is a lot more wet in consistency - which makes it easier to put on. As you can probably tell from all the brush marks, I use a Real Techniques stippling brush - which I think works perfectly, as it applies just the right amount. If you are new to cream blushes, I'd recommend using a brush - as it is easy to go overboard when applying with your fingers. However, if I ever end up applying to much - I just go over the area with my foundation brush, and it tones the colour down slightly, without making it go patchy or streaky.

It is very lightweight, I find some cream blushes quite sticky - and they sort of just sit on top of my make up, whereas this blends in with the rest of my make up. It lasts about four hours or so on my skin, which is more than average for me - as I do tend to touch my face a lot. I really love that it is dewy and glowy, without having any glitter or shimmer - making it look a lot more natural and fresh.

It is £18, which is about average for a higher end blush - and in my eyes, well worth the money and I would defiantly recommend it.

you can find it here.

What cream blushes do you recommend?



  1. Beautiful colouring! Definitely going to try it out. xx Tara

  2. Such a nice colour i've never used cream blushes before x
    Jess x

    1. you should, they're lovely! x

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  4. Such a beautiful colour!! Looks amazing for just £18 :0 xx


  5. Hi Becky, would just like to say i'm absolutely in-love with your blog! Thanks for following me, I'm so glad i took the time to check your blog out. Your posts are actually perfection! I can see big things happening for you and your blog!

    1. Ahh that made my day! Thank you so much xxx