Sunday, December 8

Review • Riri Hearts MAC Cream Colour Base

Despite all the hype surrounding the RiRi Hearts MAC collection, nothing really appealed to me. I'm not a massive fan of Rhianna and none of the products stood out to me. When myself and my sister went shopping recently, I decided to have a look anyway and after swatching the shade Diamonds I had to have it. I got to the counter to buy it and after being told it was sold out I searched high and low for it but it was completely out of stock. After trying my luck at one more MAC counter, I asked the girl if they had any left in which she started to say "I'm really sorry.." and then paused and said that she had brought one earlier for herself, but said that she was happy to give it to me and I was so thrilled!

Initally, I really didn't like the packaging, but it has grown on me now and I love it! It has rose gold and pink casing which I think is so pretty. As it is a cream colour base - it can be used anywhere on the face, as an eyeshadow base, in the centre of your lips to make them look fuller - on your brow bone, nose, cupids bow, or just as a highlighter on your cheeks. So it is definitely worth the £17. I either apply it with my fingers, a Real Techniques contour brush or a Duo Fibre contour brush, also from Real Techniques.

I love this highlighter, it adds a really beautiful subtle glow which blends seamlessly, without looking glittery or over the top. I know this was a limited edition product but I've heard rumours that the collection is being brought back in December (on the 13th I think!) - so fingers crossed its in the next collection. If not - I found an eBay seller (selling them new) which I'll link if you wanted to buy it. 

you can find it here.



  1. Love the sound of this I have not tried it or the RiRi Lipstick collection :O waiting until after Christmas to try some currently on a spending ban :P x
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