Thursday, December 5

The Guest Post •Top 5 LUSH Products

Hello lovelies, Natalie from Natalie's World here!
I'm doing my first ever guest post here today on Becky's blog, scary stuff! I've literally wracked my brain all week to think of something to talk about and considering I'm a major Lush addict I thought I'd let you all know what I think the 5 top Lush products you have to have at Christmas time are (I can't believe it's less than 1 month away!). Whether they be for yourself of as a present for someone else. (all of these are going to be limited edition ones specifically for Christmas).

So here goes...
Let the Good Times Roll - Cleanser/Exfoliator - £6.35 to £15.87
This comes under cleansers but I find it exfoliates more than it cleanses but hey-ho whatever works for you, this smells like popcorn (it even contains popcorn oil) and it smells absolutely divine , so if your a fan of popcorn this one is definitely for you, and with the winter time fast approaching/already here for some then it's exfoliating purposes will be ideal for the winter times as it will combat dry skin, perfect! - I've also heard that Lush are making this an all year round product, yay!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel £3.50 - £10.95
Lush's best selling Christmas product and you just have to smell it to realise why, it literally smells like candy floss you immediately wish it was edible haha! It has a slight glitter to it but not to worry, for the less girly girls out there, this doesn't transfer on to the skin. It also comes in 3 different sizes so you can buy the smaller version to try this out first if you aren't sure. Also!! As far as I know (due to being nosey in Lush) you can also use this as a shampoo as well as a shower gel, everyone loves a multi purpose buy.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb - £3.40
I swear this smelt sooooo good (as do they all), this product is mainly lavender based and as being allergic to lavender I was scared to try this out but I know there isn't much in the product for me to have a severe reaction, in fact I had quite the opposite - I'm in LOVE with this! It's super relaxing and nourishing on the skin and it makes your bath a really cool colour, okay maybe a little too much like you're batheing in a tub of blood but it's still a cool colour none the less.

Santa's Lip Scrub - £5.50 (source)
Okay if this was a normal Lush post and not Christmas based I'd have spoke. about the BubbleGum lip scrub but it's not so I'm talking about the Santa one, which I've not tried as of yet but I have tried the bubblegum one an they're pretty much the same thing, although the Santa one is like a cherry cola flavour and red in colour. If you suffer with chapped lips during the winter I say get your hands on this asap!

Magic Wand Bubble Bar - £4.95
 This is literally the Snow Fairy shower gel in solid form for those who prefer to have a bath instead of shower, you just swish the bar around in the bath and under a running tap (be careful when under a hot tap as I done this and it splashed up on me and I got roasted, so learn from my mistake haha) you should get 10 , 15 maximum uses out of this depending on how much bubbles you like so like I said if you like snow fairy you're sure to like this and vice versa.

As I said these are limited edition products so get a hold of them soon to avoid disappointment, also if you like a particular product be sure to stock up on it so you have it out with Christmas time.

 Natalie xx


  1. I love lush, I had the let the good times roll cleanser last year and I really liked it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. Love this post lush is one of my favourite places to go! I really want to try the cola lip scrub!!
    I finally replied to your nomination of me for the sunshine award btw haha!

    Collette xxx

  3. Love the look of the scrub, heading into town xmas shopping with my Mum so might have to buy!!