Sunday, November 17

Review • Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Despite trying a lot of the Soap and Glory bath range, I've never tried any makeup - so when I was having a look in Boots, I decided to pick up the Kick Ass Concealer. At £10, I thought it was pretty pricey for a concealer - but managed to justify it considering it comes with 2 concealer shades and a powder. There is also only a choice of 2 shades - light or medium and I went for light being the ghost I am! 

I really like the look packaging, it is very compact for travel and also comes with a handy mirror. Although I have to say, the hinges broke off of mine the day I brought it meaning it doesn't close properly and always flips open - not great for the price I paid.

The shade on the left is a salmon colour, which is used for under the eyes and the yellow shade counteracts redness - meaning you would put it on blemishes. There is also a transparent powder underneath, which you can use to set your concealer. I'm not a big fan of the yellow concealer for covering blemishes, as it makes my skin appear dry and cakey - I also find that it doesn't cover to well. It's okay for under my eyes, although it does tend to crease. The pink shade does quite a good job of covering my under eye cirlces - but it also creases under my eyes.

It is a product I rarely reach for and wouldn't repurchase. Although, I know a lot of people who do love this, so if you were thinking about buying it - I would give it a swatch in store first and see what you think.

you can find it here.



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  3. I haven't tried this post but I might give it a try! It's always annoying when a product doesn't wow you though, but really helpful review mrs :) Thanks! xxx

    1. I know I hate wasting money! Thank you! xx

  4. I haven't tried that concealer but I LOVE The Glow Job Moisturiser. You should give it a go.
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

    1. Thank you I'll have a look now :) xx

  5. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's great- Nice review, want to try this now!

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  6. Thanks for this helpful post! I was looking at this concealer the other day but I wasn't sure whether to buy it or not, but after reading this I am glad I didn't as I want a really good coverage concealer that will cover up my blemishes!

    if you have time I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my blog!

    From Jess xx - a new follower

    1. me too! I've been following your blog for a while! x

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