Sunday, November 10

Review • Save The Blowdry Shower Cap

Shower caps are one of those things that I use everyday, but never really think about. I have a cheap one from Superdrug which I've had for ages and is (to be quite frank) rubbish. The majority of the back of my head tends to get drenched as I have long and fairly thick hair, which the shower cap doesn't cover - meaning I have to blowdry and restyle my hair, which is such a waste of time. So when I got the chance to try out Save The Blowdry Shower Cap*, I couldn't turn it down.

It retails at £14.95, which is slightly pricier than your average shower cap - but it is defiantly worth the money. The outer plastic is really thick and  on the inside there is a towel material - which ensures none of my hair gets wet. There is also the option of reversing the shower cap (so the towelling side is on the outside) - and pop a hair mask on so it doesn't end dripping down your clothes. I also just love the design of the shower cap. It is pink with bows all over it and I just think it is so cute - and is also easy to distinguish in the bathroom.

To test it out I decided to curl my hair before hand, and then have a shower using the shower cap to see if it really does "save the blow dry" and when I came out my hair looked untouched, just as it had been before - meaning I didn't have to go over it again for the next day - which is a thumbs up in my book!

It really is a good product and one I don't think I would have heard of, let alone tried if I wasn't blogging. I have even convinced my sister to pick one up! I think this would be such a cute stocking filler, especially for someone you don't know what to get as its something everyone would need and use, and I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Overall I would 100% recommend it, it fits all my hair (meaning all the little baby hairs/loose strands don't get wet and go frizzy) and it feels such good quality, I'm sure it will last for years.

you can find it here.


*this product was kindly gifted to me by Save The Blowdry.


  1. I use a boots essentials shower cap, so this is screaming my name! haha. Deffinatley need to check this out, it looks great and I use intensive masks a lot, so it's a double product!


  2. i definitely need something like this! having to dry long hair all of the time is such a pain

    from helen at

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  3. I use a normal shower cap when I'm not washing my hair and always end up with wet hair around the edges - so annoying. This looks like it would be really good and totally agree that it would be a lovely little present.


  4. I like how it can be used as a hair mask too! This shower cap actually looks so cute!

  5. Cool product! Thanks for posting, great blog!

  6. Lovely post!! xx