Sunday, November 24

Review • ELF HD Blush In Headliner

When I couldn't afford the likes of MAC, NARS or any other high end brands that every beauty guru would go crazy for, I turned to ELF. It is a online wesbite which sells beauty products with high street prices. I would always be browsing the website and would make huge orders in hopes they would be dupes for all the pricey things bloggers were raving about. Whilst making an order, I came accross the HD blush which I'd not seen before and decided for £3.75 it was well worth a try.

I went for the shade 'Headliner' as online swatches can be dodgy and I wanted to get the most wearable looking colour out of the lot. Luckily, the swatch online isn't to dissimilar to the colour it appears in person. It is a pretty mid toned pink with a slight hint of peach, with a subtle shimmer running through. When it arrived it was a lot smaller than a anticipated, but nonetheless still had plenty of product in it. I actually really love the packaging, it is different to your average cream blush in a pan and it makes the perfect make up bag staple with it being so tiny and compact.

The first few times I pumped it out, it came out really watery and awful looking - but after I shook it and pumped it about 4 or 5 times it came out as quite a thick cream consistency. The annoying thing about the product, is that far to much gets pumped out which is a waste of the product - but seeing as there is so much product I can't see myself running out anytime soon.

I pump it out on the back of my hand and use my Real Techniques stippling brush and apply it to the apples of my cheeks. It manages to look natural and blend well into my make up, whilst still giving a pretty rosy flush.

This is a really lovely product, and defiantly worth the money as it will take me ages to use up! It can be a little bit tricky to get the hang of and when I first tried it I used far to much product, but once you get used to applying it - it gives the perfect hint of colour. If you are making an ELF order - I would pop this into your basket, you won't be disappointed!

you can find it here.

What is your favourite product from ELF?



  1. I never really tried out an Elf products before, although I've heard a lot of great reviews, perhaps it's time to buy something from them!
    Hope you feel better soon!

    Rhiannon xx

  2. I've heard a lot about this blush, might give it a go! So far I've been quite disappointed with all of the ELF blushes I've tried, except their NARS dupe ones!
    You should do an ELF haul the next time you shop there, I love reading those :)


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  4. i've just picked this up as well! little unsure of it at the moment but i've only used it a couple of times :) thanks for following, following you back now :)
    Becci x

  5. great review:D I really want to try this now!
    just started following your blog! Maybe you could check out mine?

  6. I've wanted to try one of these for ages! I've tried loads of ELF products but not this one, looks lovely though :) Great review! xxx

  7. So tempted to try this x