Friday, November 8

Review • Benefit They're Real Mascara

For Christmas last year, my mum brought me the Benefit They're Real Mascara. I was so excited to try it as I'd not tried anything from Benefit before. I put off buying it for myself, as it retails for £19.50 which I think is pricey for Benefit as I wouldn't class them as a high end brand.

The wand is plastic, which I know lots of people don't like but it doesn't bother me, I actually quite like the rubbery wands. I curl my lashes first, and then I place the wand at the root of my lashes and wiggle upwards, I find doing this creates a volumized look without appearing clumpy. When I curl my lashes and apply this mascara, my lashes look incredibly long and fluttery. However about 20 minuets later, my lashes drop and look stubby and short. I found this so annoying, because when I first apply it I think "wow, this mascara is amazing" but as the day went on it would droop and begin to flake. I ended up shoving the tube in the back of my draw and completely forgot about it.

A few months ago, I got a sample of the mascara in a magazine, which I also threw to the back of the draw and forgot about until recently when I was looking for a new mascara to try. I was shocked to see my lashes stayed curled for the majority of the day and looked thick and full. The only reason I can think of to why it is any different to my other tube is that I had the sample for a while (unopened) which probably made it dry up, causing it to not weigh my lashes down. So if you have this mascara and are not a fan, don't bin it! Wait for it to dry out and try it again - who knows, you could love it.

I am not recommending this product as I had 2 very different experiences, at the same time I'm not not recommending it either. If you do want to try it you can pick up a sample size in Boots for £9.50, which is still expensive but its better than spending £19.50 and hating it. For me its a love/hate relationship and I can't decide whether or not I'd repurchase.

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  1. Its interesting how you didnt like it. I adore They're Real but you are right about everyone being different. x
    Heroine In Heels

  2. I reallyyyy dislike it to! It takes forever to dry and then just feels heavy on my lashes, not a good'un :( xxx

  3. i'm in love with this! great post x

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  4. Great review I have heard always great thinks about this mascara but like you I don't like the price and that has always put me off it!!
    I do want to try it though!!

  5. There's a lot of debate over this, I'm not sure whether to take the plunge or not. The thing is, is that (as you said) it's overpriced. Really, really overpriced. The NARS mascaras are £18.50 so benefit is kind of pushing above their limits with the price...i'd rather have a funky NARS product on my dressing table as opposed to this :(


  6. Great review
    I had try it in store and I didn't like it a lot but now I think I know the reason why ahah

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