Sunday, October 6

Tanya Burr Meetup

 Some of you may know Tanya Burr did a meet up on the 26th September at the new Benefit Store on Carnaby Street. I was umming and awwing about whether to go or not, as I knew it would probably be to be full of screaming teenagers which isn't my favourite situation to be in, but decided last minute I decided to give it a go.

The outside of Benefit was SO cute. The barriers were They're Real Mascara tubes, there was a pink carpet and a pink telephone box. We didn't arrive until 4:30 and the wristbands to meet Tanya had just ran out, meaning we couldn't meet her which was so annoying seeing as we'd only just missed out. However, the staff were lovely and gave us some Benefit samples as a sorry. As we'd traveled to Carnaby Street, we thought we'd wait a little while to see if there was any chance of getting in, but after no luck we were about to leave when Tanya made an announcement saying she was going to try and meet everyone (even the people without wristbands) although it wasn't guaranteed. 

 The staff were handing out little bottles of water with the Benefit logo on them, doing challenges and a group of singers called The Pocket Bells sang for us (check out their youtube here). Then one of the sraff with a massive Benefit head randomly came up to me and took a photo, hence why I look scared for my life haha!

Sadly we couldn't get into Benefit to see Tanya, but she said she felt bad for not being able to meet everyone who had waited - so she came outside to say hello to a few of us and have our photo taken. 

It was so strange seeing Tanya in person, as she is someone I've watched on a weekly basis for two years, so to see them in person is quite surreal. For the few seconds I did get to chat to her she as such a lovely lady and seemed exactly how shes does in her videos and I thought it was so sweet how she came to see everyone outside who didn't manage to get a wrist band. Overall it was a lovely evening and I'm really glad I went!

Did any of you go?



  1. Hello Becky!

    I was so close to going but got caught up in a load of coursework!
    I heard the samples they gave out were really good quality!

    -Demi x x x

  2. Ahhh you are so lucky! I wish I could have gone, Tanya seems like one of the sweetest people on the planet. I'm not suprised she had pictures with everyone to be honest, she seems so lovely! You are one lucky girl :)


  3. OMG I'm so jealous you met her! Lucky! Haha

    Emma xox

  4. I wish I could've gone but by the time I would've got to London from where I live I wouldn't have got a look in! I'm definitely going to SITC 2014 though!xx

  5. Wow can't believe you met Tanya Burr! Looks amazing!

    By the way I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger award, sorry for all the tags haha, check out my post :)


  6. You're so lucky to meet her, I'm so jealous, really wished I didn't live so far away from London, meetup rarely take place in Newcastle

    Sophie xx

  7. That's so lucky you got to meet her! I love Tanya and really wanted to meet her at SITC this year, but didn't get to as I had someone else I desperately wanted to see whose meet and greet was at the same time! ( I didn't get to meet him though how annoying!) I'm glad you did get to meet her, it's horrible when you don't get to!:(
    I'm glad the staff were nice too, sometimes and meet and greets they're all horrible and grumpy!
    Love your blog (sorry for the long comment!)xo

  8. Aww, I didn't realize how big she had got through you tube. I met her in my local Topshop but was too worried to go and say hi haha. Shes amazing, pretty jealous (:

    P.s lovely blog xxx

  9. Omigosh Becky! I'm so jealous! She's my favourite beauty guru too! I love your blog its so lovely and professional looking too! We should keep in touch! xx