Tuesday, October 1

Olympia Beauty Event 2013

On the 22nd & 23rd of September I went to an event called Olympia Beauty at Kensington. It is for beauty traders (people who work in beauty - ie. makeup artists, salon owners etc) or if you aren't a trader you can purchase a ticket at the door for £20. Although I've never been to IMATS, I imagine this is a similar sort of event - it was held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre and is filled with all different beauty stalls, including NYX, OPI, Essie, Inglot, Laurens Way, Eldora, Nubar, Amy Childs and hundreds more exhibitors. As you can see, the event was huge & that wasn't all of it, it went past where I was standing and was crammed with make up stalls - any beauty bloggers heaven!

There happened to be a few celebrities at the event, which was amazing - I didn't have a clue they would be there - so it was a nice surprise to get to see a few of them!  (L-R : Amy Childs, Lauren Goodger, Peter Andre & Claire Powell).

I have loads of pictures, but I didn't want to overload this post with them, so I thought I would leave it at that. I had an amazing time at the event and will defiantly be going next year. I'm afraid you can only get in for free if you work in the beauty industry - but if you don't you can pay £20 at the door, and can get in - which I think is well worth it has there are hundreds of stalls - which offer discounted prices, celebrities - and upstairs there are lots of talks going on with different brands.



  1. Wow it looks amazing, hope you bought lots! That Essie stall! :o
    So gutted this was just a tube journey away and I missed it!


    1. It was so good! Oh no :( xx

  2. wow this looks like a great event!


  3. I'm so jealous I didn't know about this! It's looks like a dream and London IMATS aren't until June so it would have been fun to go! I can imagine you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This looks like heavennn


    -Demi x x x