Sunday, September 22

The Beauty Routine Tag

I've been tagged by the lovely A is for Aileen & Cheap but Chic beauty to do the Beauty Routine tag, which I'd not heard of before - but I really liked the questions so thought I'd give it a go.

Name one beauty routine you rarely do? I am one of those people who always take my make up off at night and wash my brushes regularly - so it's tricky for me to say - but it has to be using masks. Whether they're for my hair or face, I can never be bothered.

Is washing your make up brushes something you do regularly? Although I have a lot of brushes, I do wash them at least once a week - I don't understand how people can go weeks/months without doing it!

How long will you last with chipped nail polish? I have a really bad habit of picking off my nail polish when I am nervous or bored, so it is chipped with in about 3 hours of me wearing it, which means I tend to repaint them regularly, but I can be lazy and leave it for about 3 days before I re-do them.

How long do you put off buying / replacing a product even if you need it? (ie. top coat, foundation etc?I don't. I panic about running out of things (eg. nail polish remover, cotton pads, makeup remover) so I buy them all in advance. I have about 7 packs of cotton pads, and 4 bottles of make up remover - just incase I run out!

What is your worst beauty habit? I pick off my nail polish when I have just put it on, as I have mentioned. I also cleanse with Bioderma - when I can't be bothered, or in a rush, I imagine Caroline Hirons would have something to say about that! haha

 Name something non beauty related that you put off all the time? Emailing people back, I am so bad at it! If you email me I will usually reply hours, if not days later. I usually read the message when I'm busy and think "I'll answer that in 10 minuets" and completely forget about it until the next day - I am determined to get better at answering them ASAP.

When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not? I can be one of two ways. Be ready hours before I need to leave, or not get ready until I'm already 10 minuets late - oops!

 Can you commit to spending bans? No, I always have spending bans and try to save but it is impossible - I have an online shopping addiction... Online Shopping Anonymous, where you at?

How organised are your makeup and nail polish collections? Very organised. I cannot stand mess. Everything in my nail polish draw is in brand and colour order and my make up collection is organised into a base draw, blush highlight and contour draw, eye draw, and lips draw. My room is the same - it is completely organised and never messy!

What is the longest you have gone without writing a blogpost? I haven't! As you may be able to tell by my other answers I am an organised person - I have wrote all my blog posts in advance, all the posts on my page were wrote in August! So when you see my posts (except ones like this, where I have recently been tagged) they would have been written, scheduled and ready to go up months ago... I bet I sound like an absolute weirdo, haha!


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